Who Is Magmell ?

Who is Magmell?

‘End to End’ visa application connecting International investors to Investment ready projects

Visa applicants looking to invest in South Australia are often met with many choices of service providers and
uncertainty about which one is the right fit for them. Those service providers generally only offer a limited amount of investment choices.

Magmell creates a ‘one stop shop’ for the applicant. We have pre-screened our preferred partners (both service providers and investment ready companies) to provide you with an efficient process that enables trust and confidence, minimising the risk exposure for your new investment.

Our team has a comprehensive business network, built up over years of consulting that will give you choice and clarity enabling you to make the best decisions and minimise risk.

Once you enter our VIP Magmell online platform, you will have access to our expert team as well as peer reviews on the services provided. The platform will provide you with Trust, Readiness, Delivery, Quality.