Visa Facilitation

Visa Compliant Investment

Verified Virtual meetings:

  • We can help you find out everything you need to know to either establish a new business or expand an existing one.
  • Talk with one of our investment specialists if you wish to learn more about establishing or expanding into South Australia.
  • We also provide a translator for Verified Virtual Meetings
  • Talk with one of our overseas in-market specialists that form part of a global team that can provide the latest international trade and investment knowledge.

Business Intention statement:

  • We can assist with constructing and translating a business intention statement that complies with Australian visa requirements, detailing your intentions and efforts to actively participate in and manage the qualifying business

Finding opportunities and introductions to pre-qualified sellers:

  • We will reduce risks for both parties by ensuring that each party has advanced to a high level of readiness to transact and managing expectations during this process.
  • We ensure investment-ready Chinese partners
  • We recommend South Australian businesses that are ready to work with an international business partner

Guidance and support along the way:

  • the platform’s end-to-end solution materially reduces risks for both parties that deals may ‘sour’ due to misunderstandings, lack of commerciality, and failure to generate return on investment.  The platform goes beyond the standard set of services, like legal and migration services, by bringing a range of ‘soft’ skills in assisting bridging cultural and language differences, investor communications, managing change and securing sales and distribution deals.